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Cheapersnk sneakers will send the most authentic factory photos (“QC”) of the  sneakers to customers on the second day after the order is placed, so that our customers can see the sneakers as soon as possible and feel whether the  sneakers are real. If our customers are not satisfied, We will immediately let the factory replace cheapersnk sneakers, and will not ship until our customers are satisfied, so that our customers have a pleasant shopping experience in purchasing cheapersnk sneakers!

Cheapersnk Sneakers shipping diagram

cheapersnk sneakers logistics are all over the world, please consult our customer service staff when purchasing, whether you need to pay additional tariffs where you are, to avoid unnecessary points competition. cheapersnk sneakers promises that as long as you place the order on the same day, we will send you the cheapersnk sneakers QC map on the next day. If you see that there is no problem with the cheapersnk sneakers QC, cheapersnk sneakers will deliver the goods for you in time!

Cheapersnk X Reviewed Image

We are committed to every customer, strive to make everyone satisfied, and we will solve any problems as soon as possible!

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Common FAQ

Q: What should I do after payment
A: Wait for us to ship and shoot the QC and waybill of your shoes to you (we will process the shooting and delivery within 48 hours)

Q: When will my purchased shoes be delivered?
A: Usually the delivery time is 8-18 days (Global)

Q: How should I track my package?
A: Track your package via global.cainiao.com after the package generates the tracking number we send to you (within 72 hours)

Q: What is included in the item I purchased?
A: Original box/shoe body/original shoe gift (shoelaces, special accessories, etc.)/StockX card/cocokick card/keychain gift

Q: My area is a remote area, will you deliver it normally?
A: Of course, we ship worldwide and will not charge any extra postage

Q: Do I need to pay tax on my goods?
A: No, we have paid the tax for your package

Q: I need expedited delivery of my goods
A: We do not support expedited packages for the time being. The speed of package transportation depends greatly on the speed of customs inspection. We cannot control this time.

Q: Are you legal?
A: Of course, we are 100% legal, and there are many customers who trust us. In our Discord community, if you have doubts about this, you may click the Discord button on the right to join our community and communicate with our members

Q: How to pay
A: Pay by PayPal/Credit Card/Bank Card/Debit Card, after you buy the shoes, there is a detailed tutorial to teach you how to pay for the order (if you have any concerns about this, please contact us, online 16 hours a day )

Q: Is my payment at risk?
A: No, if there is any problem with your payment, you can contact us via WhatsApp/ins/Discord, we will refund all unidentified payments

Tips: Please be sure to fill in your order number when paying, so that we can process the order. It is best to contact us after payment. If we cannot contact you, we will send your QC and waybill to the email you filled in. According to our As a rule of thumb, most people don’t pay attention to incoming emails.
Finally, I wish you a happy shopping~